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Aroma Magic Foot Cream - Softnes & Protects - 50gm (Pack of 2)
Aroma Magic Foot Cream – Softnes & Protects – 50gm (Pack of 2)

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Aroma Magic Foot Cream packed with the goodness of Organic Shea Butter, Coconut Oil and apricot oil, its non greasy formula sinks deep into your skin to soften and moisturise it. This cream extracts of Mint, Camphor and Calendula along with essential oils of Tea Tree and Peppermint helps revive tired feet, prevents odour, protects and heals cracks. Aloevera Gel and Glycerin are used in its formulation that softeens and smoothens feet leaving it youthful. Foot cream reviews of this cream is more useful than other content.

Feet is the most neglected part of our body, for which, having dry heels, fine cracks and lines is inevitable. Aroma Magic Blossom Kochhar Foot-cream is the cream that provides a floral, soft and buttery solution to your dry feet, which absorbs deep in to your skin making all your fine lines and cracks to disappear with a regular use.

Smoothens your skin and drives away problems like cracked heels, dry and rough feet and fine lines.
By using this gives your feet a natural flowery fragrance driving away the odd odors.
Apply this cream during bed time and take best results.
This foot cream is made up of natural ingredients.
Aroma Magic introduce a wide range of products with the expertise of Dr. Blossom Kochhar, which includes natural nourishing ingredient. Aroma Magic Blossom Kochhar Foot cream gives feet a smooth texture by repairing your skin problems like dry skin, fine lines and rough edges.

Cream Reviews(Advantages):

  1. This cream soften and smoothes feet leaving.
  2. This cream protects and heals cracks.
  3. It soften and moisturise.

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